… Costco … That was the song being sung by the neighbour’s children this Saturday morning.

He’s never understood his wife’s fascination with our invitations to join us on the Costco pilgrimages across the river. Sometimes we just take the wine, beer and coffee orders, but she likes it best when she can join us. Friday nights are the slowest times on that side of the river, when you can cruise down the aisles without too much detouring around cart traffic jams. People watching, especially in the adjoining mall is also fun. Lots of tight jeans, highrise shoes, also known as CFMPs.

Today’s trip follows a discussion between NosyNeighbour and the Dad who lives next door yesterday. It seems he’s been experiencing problems with his old TV. During hockey games, he can’t see the score, minutes left in the game or time left in the powerplay. Since there’s a game on this afternoon, he was in the  market for a new TV.

Nosyneighbour did some research for him last night and discovered Costco has a pretty sweet deal on a 32″ flat screen. We were supposed to have done a run last night, but ended up visiting the clinic to get my foot checked out.

Last night’s run turned into Dad next door (DND) joining Nosyneighbour for a trip to Costco à Gatineau. They both left with lists prepared by their wives. Typical men, they returned with nothing else but what was on the list. In fact, Nosyneighbour had to remind DND to check his list because there was so much jubilation once the flat screen was in the cart.

They were back within the hour. About 20 minutes later, DND’s children were ringing our front doorbell. Hmmm…. we’d already sponsored them for the jump-a-thon. They didn’t have cookies in their hands, but one did ask if I had any to dole out. No, instead, they screamed in unison: Thanks for taking our dad to Costco!

It’s nice to bring such joy to the lives of little ones. Wait until they get cable and a PVR!