skechers shape ups motivator

It’s been a busy time since we returned from holidays. After having a service to say goodbye to Timbit, we began our search to adopt a new kitten. Wellington arrived into our home on March 16 and has been keeping us busy. From removing blind cords to giving away plants, it’s a lot of work kitten-proofing your home.

The other thing that has been keeping me busy is the cyst in my foot. I finally got to see a foot and ankle surgeon in Brockville. He ordered another MRI of my foot to see if anything has changed since last fall. It looks like he’ll be surgically removing the cyst, which was a ganglion cyst, but spread throughout my foot. The day we went to Brockville I was wearing probably the worst shoes I own. I bought the golf shoes from Canadian Tire (the old one on Richmond Road) for $10 on sale. They were slip ons that I used for gardening, then cycling. But I’ve been squashing the backs down to make them easier to get on. They are great for car rides.

The surgeon was not impressed. And when I explained that hiking is fine, cycling not bad, but urban walking aggravates my foot, he recommended a pair of Skechers shape ups. The surgeon explained that because your foot rolls better in the shoes there is less press on the ball of the foot. I ended up getting a pair of black Motivators.

What I didn’t know was these are supposed to be exercise shoes. I’ve been wearing them to work (only with pants) and also bought a pair of fit flops which are supposed to be the same principal. I have to admit I’m not a flip flop (or jandals as they call the in New Zealand) person. But these ones are really comfortable. I may go back to the store and buy the extra cushion to protect the area between your big toe and the next toe over just because my toes like to stay together.

After wearing the shape ups around the house for two evenings I decided to keep them. The following week I walked home from downtown twice. It’s about an hour, and I have to say before the shoes I couldn’t go farther than a kilometre without feeling pain. These shoes were great. Stairs took some getting used to, as did going over curbs. But all in all a great investment.

I have learned a couple of things that take some getting used to or just plain avoidance:

  1. Stairs, especially going down, can be a challenge. Going up, you naturally tend to be on the ball of your foot. Going down you really need to focus on getting your whole foot on each step or you can rock right off them.
  2. Driving, especially parking, takes some getting used to because your foot roles on the accelerator. Clutch and brake pedals are the same but I was a bit jerky with the gas at first and would not recommend wearing these for rush hour driving.
  3. Using public washrooms if you’re a woman and like to hover (to get exercise at the same time) is a bit challenging because you rock. But if you can master that, you probably are using even more muscles than the DVD describes. That’s the DVD that comes with the shoes.
  4. Drinking alcohol and then walking with your shape ups is not recommended during the first week of walking. Once you’re used to them, it’s not a problem. Just think that you don’t generally tend to drink alcohol and then exercise, so try not to do it with these shoes. Although I do know a few people who will have a few pints then get back on their bicycles.
  5. Playing games on your hand-held device while waiting for public transit is a challenge standing up. But you can look at it as a new challenge to the same old boring game.

I’m not sure how long they’ll last or whether I’ll even need them after the surgery. But for now they’ve given me back something I truly love: walking around the neighbourhood and around town.