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First up is the original location of Istanbouli has now closed. Our buddy went through several developers buying the land and telling him he had to vacate, but then plans would fall through and the building would be sold. Thankfully he has a second location on Holland so we can still get our shawarma fix.

Next up is the new Uniform house across the street. What’s wrong with this photo?

Hint: look up

I saw a Uniform guy yesterday and told him. Let’s see if it gets fixed before the owners move in.


skechers shape ups motivator

It’s been a busy time since we returned from holidays. After having a service to say goodbye to Timbit, we began our search to adopt a new kitten. Wellington arrived into our home on March 16 and has been keeping us busy. From removing blind cords to giving away plants, it’s a lot of work kitten-proofing your home.

The other thing that has been keeping me busy is the cyst in my foot. I finally got to see a foot and ankle surgeon in Brockville. He ordered another MRI of my foot to see if anything has changed since last fall. It looks like he’ll be surgically removing the cyst, which was a ganglion cyst, but spread throughout my foot. The day we went to Brockville I was wearing probably the worst shoes I own. I bought the golf shoes from Canadian Tire (the old one on Richmond Road) for $10 on sale. They were slip ons that I used for gardening, then cycling. But I’ve been squashing the backs down to make them easier to get on. They are great for car rides. Read the rest of this entry »


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