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It’s great to be staying at a motel that has free fast Internet. It’s like what New Zealand was three years ago. But I guess you’d expect it in San Francisco.

Backing up to yesterday, the security in Auckland was interesting. All passengers going to the U.S. were instructed to immediately clear customs (yes you check out as well) and basic security. You then had to dump any liquids you had collected in the secure area and proceed to the U.S.-bound second level of security. Men and women were separated for pat downs, and then directed with their carry on luggage for a thorough pocket-by-pocket inspection. Timmy II was a bit disappointed that he didn’t get the full pat down. He did get a tummy rub at the carryon baggage inspection. Read the rest of this entry »


After being here almost a month it’s time to pack up head back home. Yesterday was an interesting day. We saw a couple of the Ozzies as we wandered around town and then raced two more down the luge track.

In the evening we stopped at a pub near the wharf because I saw the sign “Tight Ass Tuesdays” and then NosyNeighbour saw $5 drinks. Remember those are kiwi dollars and include tax and tip. From there we went to the Dux de Lux brewpub for supper. I had read earlier that they also have a quiz night on Tuesday so I thought it might be interesting.

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A couple of videos are now up.
This one is of Sutherland Falls, along the Milford Track. It meant an extra 1.5 hours of hiking on a day that we had already hiked 15 km, climbing up over the Mackinnon pass (starting at 750m above sea level, climbing to about 1200m, then descending to 400m.)

The next ones were taken during the cruise of Milford Sound, a day after completing the Milford Track. The rain from our last day was continuing, with over 200 mm falling in a 24 hour period. It made for spectacular views and some interesting events. Read the rest of this entry »

Although I wrote about each day along the track, I’ve decided to keep those words as part of my memories.

Milford Track is something you need to experience to truly appreciate. Hiking on sunny days and swimming under waterfalls. Picking yourself up after a fall.. Walking through streams that are quickly turning to rivers, then remembering how much fun it was as a child. It’s all part of the experience. Have a look at the photos and see if tempts you to try it yourself. Then contact Ulimate Hikes to book your adventure.


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