I’ve been meaning to post this for some time, but keep getting caught up in the daily touristy stuff or hiking adventures.

There’s a game in New Zealand that you play on long road trips. It’s called the Possum Game and here are the rules:

  1. Games must be completed by noon.
  2. Game starts with the first person calling “possum” upon seeing a dead possum on the road.
  3. Points are awarded when the possum is still intact enough to see the head and the dead animal is between the white lines (basically the drivable part of the road).
  4. Double points are awarded for carcasses on the centre line when the caller yells: Double possum or Possum-double.
  5. Games can end in a tie, but must be finished by noon.

So far we’ve had two games. The first game, NosyNeighbour  won 5-2. The second game was a 2-2 tie. Looking forward to a game on the road tomorrow.