We started our day with a walk along the Waitai River to just outside the town limits. From there, we followed a trail towards the centre of NZ, but bypassed the site we’d already visited to continue along the hills heading towards the Tasman Sea. This morning walk took us 2 hours at a fairly easy pace. The toughest part was trying to figure out where we were on the rudimentary tourist map.

Next up was lunch, which I made at the motel from leftovers from the BBQ. So steak and cheese sandwiches were on the  menu, with a side of celery and carrots with dip. After lunch we started to watch the Olympics again but eventually set off to do another hike, this time with more elevation.

We tried to find the entry to the Mount Dun hike, but couldn’t so continued on to the next one, the Grampians. By the time we started, the sun was beating down upon us and the air hung heavily on our shoulders with no breeze.

Up and up we climbed, sometimes on switchbacks through the forest, other times straight up on old logging roads with no shade. We reached our destination within the hour, as claimed on the signposts and took a few pictures of the spectacular views of Stokes, Nelson and beyond. It also included passing through several kissing gates. There is even a toilet by the observation deck.  It would be a great spot for sunset photos except for the lack of light for the climb back down.

Next up was to find the perfect viewing spot for tonight’s sunset. Think we’ve done that and will just need to wait now. From there we took a leisurely drive through Stokes and Richmond and stopped in Tahananui at the Hell’s Pizza to pick up dinner. Yummy stuff. NosyNieghbour had the Mordor and I had the Cursed pizza.

Tomorrow we’re off to Hanmer Springs, with a slight detour so that we can see the Pancake Rocks again. The weather is looking fine and last time it was pouring rain so we thought it would be worth the extra drive to Punakaiki.


Just back from an amazing sunset (except for whatever it was that was biting my legs). Darn mozzies! Anyhow, here’s one pic. You can see other Nelson pics from the day’s hikes on Flickr.