I think I’ll start by explaining the link to Darcy. When we were staying at Meadowbank, the guest rooms were either in the main lodge or along a row of almost motel-like rooms each named after a member of the Hadfield family. Ours was in the separate motel-like wing at the very end.

I’m not sure if it was the apres-tramp beer or tired legs, but when we went to drop off Timmy II in our room before dinner, we accidentally stopped in the Darcy Room. We weren’t staying there. But we didn’t realize it right away. We didn’t turn on the lights, remembering the comment about saving energy. So NosyNeighbour sat on the bed peeling the skin off his feet. I tossed Timmy II onto the bed and then headed for the bathroom. It was then that I wondered why NosyNeighbour had removed my merino top and placed his on the coat hanger in the bathroom.

After a few seconds I realized that he didn’t actually have a merino top that colour and blurted out that we were in the wrong room. We left quickly and went into our own. It was then that I realized that Timmy II was on their bed. NosyNeighbour didn’t feel comfortable returning on his own so I went with him. Jim busted us going back in to retrieve Timmy II. So he became our witness. Jim kept it to himself until the next day when everyone soon learned that we had returned to the wrong room. Needless to say we locked our door last night.

Mickpick is another funny story because it relates back to our last post before the tramp. As we may recall, we’d visited quite a few outdoor type stores with sales. During our tramp I decided to find out where the real outdoors people shop. You know, the locals. So I asked Imma and John about Kathmandu and Mac Pac. They said that Kathmandu had started as a NZ company and expanded into Australia. But they had no clue what I meant by Mac Pac. Then I noticed that John’s rain jacket and both of their backpacks came from Mac Pac. So I pointed at the logo. And they both said, “Oh, Mickpick.”

And this comes full circle because for supper tonight we went back to the Freehouse for a real ale and a light meal, which turned out to be a cornish pastie. Very yummy and not too filling. Remember, we found it on our visit to Mickpick. Tomorrow’s weather isn’t looking great. Our plan  is to go to the farmers’ market then back to Mickpick to look at the sale rack and possibly buy another jickit for me. What I had thought to be waterproof apparently wasn’t. So, I’ll see what I kin find at Mickpick.

Sorry, two real ales and I git the funnies.

More later.