I didn’t think I’d have time to post again, but the rest of the day turned out quite interesting.

The last time we were here, we stayed by the beach and didn’t see any of the CBD. This time we’ve only roamed a bit of it and so far so good. They have lots of outdoor stores. We’ve already been to Kathmandu and a new one next door to it. Then we scoped out eateries for supper tonight.

We were walking on one of the streets off Trafalgar (the main street), and I popped into Mac Pac, yet another outdoor store with a sale sign in the window.

They were about two minutes from closing, but not totally rude trying to get me out. It was more of a “are you looking for something in particular?” From there our conversation went from “yes, a good deal” to where to go for a good pint. They recommended a converted church just around the corner.

You never would have seen  it if you didn’t know it was there, and what a find it was. They had about eight local beers on tap, plus the added bonus of three real ales. Yes, that’s three REAL ALES!!! NosyNeighbour looked like vacation just couldn’t get any better. We each had a pint, and then settled on Mac’s Brewery and Restaurant (I know, the same one as Wellington) for dinner.

The menu here was much bigger than in WEllington. NosyNeighbour had the lamb shanks and I had chicken in cream cheese sauce wrapped in philo pastry. Both were delicious, and value priced as well.

We’ve received our overnight bag from Wilson’s, the tour operator for our first big hike. After double checking the list, we’ve both packed our overnight and day bags and are getting psyched for our big day.

Look for a post some time on our Friday afternoon (Thursday in Canada).

Cheers! Holidays are great!