I’m not sure when this will get posted, but we’re now on the ferry. It was a rough start to the morning, my turn to not feel well. Hopefully all will be good by tomorrow morning when we start our hike in Abel Tasman.

Wellington Harbour

Last night we went to the Mac’s Brewery and Restaurant for dinner. It was pretty good. All locally brewered beer, with a selection of six on tap. For our meals, NosyNeighbour had the meatlovers pizza and I had the veg za. Quite tasty, and more filling than I had first thought. After that, I was completely zonked, and had an early night. NosyNeighbour stayed up watching TV, likely because he was still wired from all that driving.

The Ibis Hotel in Wellington was ideally suited to getting to the ferry terminal. It was a 5 minute drive away and fairly easy to find. The only down side was that it only came with a fridge, so no bowls for cereal this morning. NosyNeighbour was great though, he peeled me a bunch of mandarins, and we still had some granola bars. They’re always good to have on hand.

My burn on my chest from day one in New Zealand is finally starting to peel. It’s incredibly itchy, but the blue goo stuff we bought for burns seems to keep it cool and hydrated. We’re both sipping on lattes, which are surprisingly tasty.

The ferry holds about 1700 people, and has lots to do on board. There’s a lounge chair area with play area and TV for kids, a morning talk show on another TV for adults, a reclining chair area, a café, a bar area (no kids allowed but it is only 9 a.m.!), and a club for commercial drivers.  They’re also showing two movies, and there are souvenir shops and a sun deck on top.

Today was our first time taking a car over. Usually we drop off the car at the terminal, check our luggage and pick up another car on the other side. I like this way a lot better. I’ve only got my purse to lug around this time.


We’ve arrived in Nelson, after what seemed like forever on the switchbacks to get up and over the coastal mountain range. It’s been just over five years since we were here last, and the road over the mountains has had some improvements, but not many. If this were Austria they would have built a train tunnel first, then a single vehicle tunnel, and then twinned that in that time.

Driving onto the ferry was quite efficient. Getting off was a different story. All the passengers queued up at the top of the stairs waiting for the tape to be pulled back. When it was finally pulled back, the guy announced, “If you’re on dick five, you can git there by the bick of the firry.” Then of course you have to find your rental car after going from bright sunshine to dark vehicle deck.

We’d ditched most of our groceries in Wellington, and decided to stop for …. pie along the route to Nelson. We enjoyed some nice warm pies from a bakery in Blenheim. NosyNeighbour  chose the pepper steak, and I had the steak and vegetables, but I couldn’t find any in my pie. Calorie wise, they’re not as bad as I had thought: about 275. When you compare that to a meal at McDonalds, it doesn’t seem that bad.

It’s hot and sunny here with a bit of a breeze. There’s a huge beach of white soft sand that we visited last time we were here, but that will likely have to wait until we get back from Abel Tasman.

Our motel is more like a hotel and ideally situated just on the outskirts of the CBD (central business district). NosyNeighbour negotiated a deal where we got an upgrade to the executive suite. We’re only here for one night before we set off on our first long hike: three days and two nights in Abel Tasman. So I’ll be in cognito for a few days.