So we’re now checked in and do I have a story to tell … about pie, the famous New Zealand pie that every backpacker relies on.

After leaving the Internet café we decided to stroll down Queen Street, Auckland’s main shopping area. It’s a bit like Sparks Street, but with cars. We were looking for a store that sells hiking poles and a light lunch to hold us over until dinner.

We walked up a short street with lots of pubs and patios and debated having a beer and finger foods. But I thought to myself that I need to get into shape and get rid of the mid-winter insulation. So instead when I saw a snack bar selling pies I thought that would be better.

Nosyneighbour chose a steak and mushroom pie and I had a chicken pie. You take them out of the heated area yourself with tongs and put them in little brown bags, similar to what Tim Horton’s uses for a donut.

After paying we ventured outside to the pedestrian zone and sat facing a street artist who had an audience of about 20 people enthralled with his art and act.

We watched, blowing on our pies. Mine was way too hot, but I persevered and sucked air in trying to cool down my mouth. NosyNeighbour’s wasn’t as hot and he was finished long before me.

Once we were ready we set off to look for another store we’d heard about. Yikes, what was that pulling on my leg I wondered as I stood up.

Seems somebody was chewing blue hubba gubba gum and left it on the bench. It was all over the  back of one of my legs, just above the zipper on my convertible pants. Great … just what I needed.

To solve this little dilemma, we went back to The Warehouse to buy peanut butter. Back in the day this was used to remove gum from hair. I figured use it to get the gum off my pants and then we have ingredients for breakfast and sandwiches.

Oh and I went looking for nail polish because it just isn’t summer without painted toenails to show off while you’re wearing sandals (or jandals as they’re known here). The outlet mall was selling it for $20 a bottle. The pharmacy was selling it for $29. The Warehouse sold Maybelline for $13 and I caved and got some. For those of you back in Canada that would be about $9 tax included. Not sure why it’s so expensive here. Maybe because they can sell it for that because everyone is wearing  jandals.

Now for the room description. We have a lovely suite with a balcony, power windows, fridge, stove top, oven, dishwasher and washer/dryer combo. And the bedroom is separate, with a couch and loveseat, plus a 4-seat dining set near the kitchen.

My brain is starting not to make sense because of lack of sleep, but if we can make it through today we’ll be set for 28 days of adventurous fun!

And since Internet is a bit expensive here, I’ll post pics later. I was going to post a link to youtube, but you can search it. Guess I should have had a beer.