Dinner at Sears Fine Food

Last night’s supper was delicious. We went to Sears Fine Food, just next door to the hotel and were impressed with the quality and value of our meals. Maybe the beer was a bit expensive, but my fried cod with sweet potato fries and mixed green salad were scrumptuous. Or was it that I was soooo hungry after all that walking? They even give you a Sears coin to play in the slot machine on the way out to win a meal. I’ve kept ours to try on our return trip.

Nosyneighbour seemed to like his paella, but I think it’s too much work taking mussels and shrimps out of their shells. Maybe that’s why I’m not a big seafood eater – it’s just too much work when I’m hungry.

After dinner we set off for Biscuits and Blues, just a few blocks from the hotel. Because we were attending the early show and not having dinner, our reserved seats were at the bar.  But that means that your back is to the band, unless you turn your chairs around, which is what we did.

Earl Thomas ... what an entertainer

Earl Thomas is quite the entertainer. He played a cruise ship out of Norway recently and met up with another rockin blues guy who happened to be sitting at the bar last night. The two of them did a few numbers together which was a great bonus.

Earl has a good set of pipes and during one song he set down the mike and started belting out the song as he strolled through the audience. That was a great wow factor especially as he walked right in front of us.

He’s also got a pretty good sense of humour and reminded me a bit of Eddie Murphy with his facial expressions. Earl is definitely into his music and into himself, but in a tongue in cheek kind of way. It can’t be an easy way to make money, but if you love what you do that must make up for it.

Today we say goodbye to San Francisco. I’ll miss the sounds of the city through the open window in our hotel at night … the clinking of bottles going into the recycling bins in the alleys behind bars and restaurants at 2 a.m. …. the smashing of bottles as the grubbies go rummaging looking for a few free drops at 3 a.m. … the grinding sounds of the garbage trucks at 5a.m. and the first clang clangs of the cable cars at 6 a.m.

San Francisco will always have a piece of my heart. It may not be  the Big Apple, but it sure has a lot of soul.

For more pics, go to Flickr.

And here’s Earl Thomas doing Paul Pena’s version of Jetliner: