It’s only 5 p.m. and I’m already exhausted. We walked from 9:30 this morning until 4 this afternoon and my feet are feeling it.

Our day started with a much healthier breakfast than yesterday’s in Luques, the hotel restaurant. I had a strawberry banana pineapple smoothie and a bowl of Special K (with low fat milk). Rob had an Italiano omlette with a side of fruit salad. Both were very tasty and our waiter was exceptional again. Even in his broken English, he was adorable and attentive.

After breakfast we set off for the Best Buy at Geary and Presidio, about 5 km away. We could have taken the 38 bus line, and we saw it pass several times, but it was a nice morning, cool with the sun coming out every now and then.

Getting in to the Best Buy was a challenge as a pedestrian. It was vertical strip mall, with the Best Buy on the top level. We had to walk around the building and then up a series of stairwells to get there.

After some back and forth with the sales guy, some surfing to confirm specs, we picked up another Sony Cybershot, this time much smaller, lighter, and with HD movies. Now if only we had an HDTV.

We left without the packaging and set off west along Presidio Avenue to the Presidio. Once we were at the gates, we veered left down a very steep path. As the path crossed the road on the first switchback, a pair of cyclists was coming up towards. We asked the way to Golden Gate Bridge and he explained that we should just keep heading down the path. He also told us that the water was the highest that he’s seen it in 13 years and loads of boats were out in the bay today. So we continued down the path, crossed a few roads before landing us right in the middle of the old army barracks.

We weaved our way through the Presidio to the bridge and walked about a third of the way across, stopping for photos and looking at the crazy surf down below. Little go cars were driving along the coastal road and almost getting taken out with water.

Heading back we took the path down to Chrissy Field and followed the waterfront back, with a stop on a fishing pier for Rob, because he really really wanted to. It actually gave us a great view of the surf under the bridge, and we noticed two surfers riding the waves. We also almost got soaked, but timed our exit to escape dry.

Along the path through Chrissy Field, we passed through dog playing areas, being passed by joggers and wobbly cyclists on rental bikes from Blazing Saddles. Some joggers were quite keen. They’d pass us, then we’d pass them doing sit-ups on a bench or push ups against a retaining wall.

You could see how the water had come up quite high earlier on. In some spots sandbags had been added to keep water out of parking lots. Many happy dogs for what seemed like miles. Ironically, we had stripped off our fleeces to enjoy the sunny day only to pass by locals bundled up with scarves, hats and gloves. It’s all perspective, I guess. At Fisherman’s Wharf  we stopped for some excellent chowder at the Blue Mermaid, we took the F line old street car back to Union Square.

We’ve picked up our tickets for Biscuits and Blues tonight, where we’ll be seeing Earl Thomas and the Blues Ambassadors.   For supper we’ll go up one doorway to Sears, a restaurant with good food and reasonable prices. Too bad we didn’t notice their fix priced menu. The only day it’s not available is Saturday, today.

As I unwind having a cold beer in the room, my feet are saying they must have walked 20 km.