While Rob worked on fixing the laptop, I actually read the Where magazine and discovered a few choices for dinner. See, there was life before the Internet. Once the photos were back on the camera then back onto the computer, we chose our restaurant for dinner: the Burger Bar.

Initially we sat at the bar, and then moved to a window seat to order our meal. Between watching pedestrians running across the road trying to dodge raindrops and people wandering through Union Square, the view couldn’t have been better.

The restaurant itself reminded me of a cross between Pub Italia and the Works back home.  Except for one thing.

It’s gotta be a US way of cooking ground beef. Sorry, but I still remember: it’s not done until 71. Here, they offer up hamburger raw, and saying you want it “cooked” gets you some strange looks.

Not having a camera is already starting to bother me. Before supper, we could hear people hollering on the street below through the partially opened window. I was thinking that great it’s Friday night and the riff raff is out and then I remembered that San Francisco started the “Take back the night” bike days on the last Friday of the month.

Sure enough, we looked out and could see them cycling up Gerard, turn right on Powell and circle around Union Square. I wish I’d had a camera because one bike had neon lights on its wheels. A sight I won’t forget, and that I won’t be able to share with you.