Our United Airlines flight to SFO is about half full, but we were warned not to move up to the seats ahead of the wings unless we were willing to bring out our credit cards to pay for the upgrade.  The captain even reminded passengers that it’s flu and cold season and that we should cover our coughs and sneezes in these cramped quarters.

The gentleman beside us did move back a row so that gave us a bit more room. And lucky for him because Nosyneighbour has had some pretty wicked gas. If only we could harness that power!

Neither of us brought a book to read.  We’ve been snoozing a bit and staring out the windows. Okay, that’s been me because I’ve taken both window seats. I was able to snap off a few pics of the Rockies going into YVR, but so far the view to SFO has been white fluffy clouds.

I’m trying to imagine what’s underneath them, but my brain must be tired because all I can see is big marshmallows.

We’re at the Chancellor Hotel now, complete with all our luggage. I guess losing that guitar brought about change at United.

And one last thing … we did bring Timmy II along for vacation.