Our original plan today was to have breakfast at John’s with a neighbour. But her plans changed and as we walked along Wellington towards John’s, I remembered something that WalkPool Buddy said to me: John’s is always full of unruly young children that bounce on the seats and bump up against your table as they wait for theirs. 

Sure enough, we looked in and there they were … munchkins everywhere, standing on the seats, jumping, staring at us as we looked in. So we continued on to WalkPool Buddy’s recommended breakfast spot: Fil’s Diner on Wellington between Holland and Parkdale. 

Our timing was perfect. A couple was just putting their coats on and offered us their table. One solitary waitress dashed from table to table dropping off coffee, picking up empty plates, and greeting new customers. She was doing a great job, and when it quieted down a bit she chatted with her regulars. 

Rob had the Double Double: 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, home fries and a pancake. I had the Fi’ls Wake up Call: 2 eggs,  sausage (ham and bacon were also choices) and home fries.  Both included coffees for about $15 with tax. Everything was hot, and the home fries were delicious: crispy, with a few onions and peppers thrown in. You don’t have to scrimp on jam either. Each table has its own stack of jams, peanut butter, honey and marmalade. And the best part …. it was a childfree experience. 

On the way back we passed by the new Cube Gallery location. It’s almost done. Notice the cube logo on the door and up higher on the outside wall. Apparently the outside walls will be left for murals by local artists. The idea is to switch them up. Looking forward to its opening. 

The "before" pic courtesty of streetview


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And none of this would have happened if my WalkPool Buddy and I hadn’t gone to Pub Italia on Monday.  She mentioned that Fil’s was a much better breakfast choice if you’re trying to avoid rugrats. And right she was!

GozzyGirl and WalkPool Buddy in Littly Italy