After driving (actually carpooling) to work for the past month, I’ve become a bit of a wuss and not ventured outside much in the cold weather. Don’t know if it’s the heated seats in a warm car that’s spoiling me or just the lack of familiarity with a cold wind in my face.

Today I was tired of cocooning and went for a walk with NosyNeighbour to pick up coffee at Bridgehead. Two things we noticed along our way: the Cube Gallery is almost ready to open in its new location at the former site of Diwali and before that, Lora’s (which had really good pizza but closed with the smoking ban).  The scaffolding has been down for about a week, and a sign has now been erected at the front. Looks very clean and cubist.

Across the street, a business has disappeared — the Linden Tree. I can’t say I’m surprised. It didn’t have much in it and the staff never seemed inviting when we visited. Just before Christmas there was a sign in the window saying 50 to 70% off. Since those types of sales are usually reserved for Boxing Day, we suspected it would be closing sooner rather than later.

Another store that I never went into because it was never open was Eclectic Boutique. During the bus strike Jane and I looked in the window several times and saw an eclectic mix of statuettes, most of which were cats. Again, if you’re never open, it’s not surprising that you’re closing your doors.

I suppose next time I should grab the camera … you never know what you’ll see.