At the beginning of December, I began to look forward to picking up a Saturday newspaper that would include the 2010 Milk Calendar. After all, I’ve discovered some great recipes on those pages. In fact, it was a way to try something new at least once a month.

December came and went, so I went to their website to see if I could download a copy. Nope, just available in certain magazines, none of which interest moi. Oh, if you’re in Alberta, you can call and have one sent to you for free. But in Ontario, you have to send a self-addressed stamped envelope to get one for free.

So, I took the recipes and photos from their site, and made this one. To put it together, simply staple at the top, with the bottom of the staple facing upwards. Feel free to print and use it, of course, enjoying the recipes, and marveling that, although you missed getting it for free, for the cost of toner and paper, you too can have it on your fridge once again.

The 2010 Milk Calendar