It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to post. Been busy with shopping, baking and cooking. Trying to figure out what to serve a vegetarian at Christmas dinner has been a bit of a challenge.

I’ve also been so busy I’ve missed neighbourhood meetings about the new development at the Pro-shine carwash and the invitation to the meeting out about the future of the convent. But I have noticed the changes in the neighbourhood that make me really appreciate living where we do.

The “holiday” wreaths have been installed along the lampposts in Wellington West and Westboro. It made it quite a festive walk to get our tree at the Parkdale Market. The weekend we picked it up couldn’t have been more perfect. A light dusting of snow helped the runners on our sled ride smoothly on the way back. The snow also got me in the shopping mood, so we picked up a wreath as well.

Taking home the tree

I suppose we could have bought it from Ikea or Home Depot or Canadian Tire for less, but that would have involved putting it in or on the new car. Tree sap is a pain to remove, and I like the idea of pulling the tree home. I also like being able to see how tall and full the tree is to know if it will work in our living room. It’s not a huge room, and you want your tree to fit into its environment.

The vendors at the market were quite impressed with our mode of transportation. Some were amazed that we would ride down a toboggan run in the alps, in the dark, after a few beers. Others grinned, showing that they’d lost a few chicklets.

Christmas can be a stressful time of year. Putting up the tree and making sure the stand is adequate is usually where it starts for me. No new stand next year = no real tree. We’ll see if NosyNeighbour remembers to pick one up on sale.

But Christmas is supposed to be about family and the spirit of giving. Have to keep remembering that …

Hope you and yours enjoy your time together and stay healthy over the holidays.