I started blogging partly because I had to launch a blog at work, and partly because a young worker encouraged me to start blogging instead of sending e-mails when we travelled.

I’ve continued to blog because I really do love to write, and it’s a way to write about issues, events and activities that interest me. One of the curious things about blogging is knowing where people come from to read your blog and seeing what posts get a lot of hits.

So far, I’ve noticed that neighbourhood gossip, particularly relating to developments, gets people reading and clicking around the site. 

So now I want to know who is claramcwatters.wordpress.com? I keep getting people referred from her blog but it seems I need a password to see her content. I did do some googling and creeping on facebook to see if I could find her. It seems she’s a Carleton University journalism student (or graduate) who also loves writing. I’m guess she also lives in the neighbourhood and that we tag our posts with similar descriptions, resulting in a link from her blog to mine.

So Clara, will you open up your blog so I can see what you’re up to?