It seems that the development just continues. We’ve lived through the building of the Piccadilly, a kitchen renovation, St. Georges Yard, and now the Wellington at Islandpark (actually at the corner of Carleton and Wellington) is about to launch its official showroom.

Apparently, it doesn’t stop there. Springcress Properties is working with Barry Hobin regarding the potential development of the northeast corner of Wellington and Island Park (current location of the Pro Shine). I found this notice on the skyscraper forum about an upcoming meeting to discuss the development.

Neighbourhood consultations

Then the November 17, 2009 WWCA meeting summary included the following:

The proposed building is just to the west of Bella’s Restaurant.

a. Two potential general designs are being considered: a sixfloor version that comes closer to the rear property line and a seven-floor version that leaves more room at rear between back of building and property line.

b. both designs incldue “step-backs” at several levels of the building.

c. this is a “boutique” development meaning that there is not a lot of room for many units, a maximum of 40 to maintain 1:1 parking ration.

d. the location is designated as a “gateway” in CDP whic allows it to go to 20 metres (6-7 storeys).

e. the projectis very much in the early stages. They are only looking at massing for the moment and seeking feedbackf romt he community.  The corner of the building is the only architectural element at this point.

f. the architect andthe developer ackowledged that this will be a long process and that there will be opposition particularly fromt he residents directly to the north of the site.

j. both designs are smaller than the Piccadilly acros the street.

l. A big issue to be resolved will be off of which street access tothe building will be established.

As with all other recent developments in the area the proposal will include comercial space at ground level and residential units above.

s. units will not be rentals but condos and won’t be particularly small or inexpensive

You can read the full summary at the WWCA site.