In a previous post, I mentioned the Sisters of the Visitation were for sale, and then mysteriously nothing happened. In a discussion with Uniform about why one of the workers was urinating on the sidewalk at the end of the day, I asked whether they were interested. His reply was that the neighbourhood appealed to them, but there are so many challenges with heritage designations.

According to Ken Gray, Ashcroft is the buyer, for more than $10 million. They’ve also bought the building that used to house Billy’s Appliances and another house. Strangely, it’s not in today’s newspaper, only on the Bulldog’s blog. Supposedly Ashcroft is going to start by meeting with the community first.

I’ll definitely be going to share my thoughts. What I’d like to see:

  • buildings, no higher than 4 floors surrounding the original site
  • stone incorporated into the architectural exterior features
  • some green space
  • underground parking for any new buildings
  • more vrtucar spots
  • retail on the ground floor that faces Richmond
  • a nice English pub in the old building … could call it The Convent or The Sacred Sisters, The Nunnery, The Stone Chapel, The Fallen Wall

More thoughts and updates to come.