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Ah … we need a holiday. And hopefully we’ll never experience some of the stories on this site.  The titanic awards nominations are submitted by real people (ok, and some travel writers too) and include videos as well.  I found the fuglage quite amusing. I’ve often thought about getting luggage that stands out more on the luggage carousel. But who wants to be seen with it after that? Best to stick with a unique luggage tag.

Oh, and if you’re planning an adventure holiday, check out the Sierra Design sale in Foymount this weekend.  I’m not on their mailing list but I know the big one happens the August long weekend every year. Just don’t wear your SD gear there, or they’ll tag you. Foymount is tiny, so google it or bring your GPS. Don’t forget to have some cash for the volunteer firefighters.

Happy travels!


Forgot to post it on the weekend … Renu Spa is opening this Friday. We picked up a nice glossy brochure, complete with prices. One of the neighbours said the prices are quite reasonable. What do I know? I’ve never been to a spa … maybe now I will!

And in case you’re wondering, the tiles in the spa did come from next door at Interscapes.  This from their web site:


Please assist us in maintaining a quiet and relaxing environment by ensuring all mobile phones are switched off and that no children accompany you to your spa appointment.

Gotta love the “no children accompany you” … my kind of place!

I’m just going to be lazy and throw up a bunch with captions. When I have more time I’ll put them in order…. Here goes:

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about the renovations.  Mostly it’s just been a few status updates on facebook. So here’s where we are, then working backwards: Read the rest of this entry »

So, Hair Rods has been leased (not sold). Downstairs will be a new franchise of Tea Shop 168 — bubble tea and other Taiwanese Asian cuisine.  The owners will live upstairs. Guess that makes for better security.

The estheticians upstairs will be moving to a new location (on Avalon?) in mid-July.


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