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Two things to update on. First, the name of the kitchen place is … Read the rest of this entry »


Nosy Neighbour stopped by Merkley’s on his way home today to order the brick for our addition. On his way back, he cycled along Wellington Street and noticed some activity in a spot that’s been vacant for a while.

In what was the Community Police Office beside Agave, there were workers busy preparing the space for what will be …. Read the rest of this entry »

I know people have landed at the blog looking for information on this year’s Taste of Wellington. I, too, was looking forward to strolling the street to get a taste of the new additions to the neighbourhood. I kept checking local newspapers and looking at other local blogs. Finally, I took action.

According to Annie Hillis, Executive Director of the Wellington West Business Improvement Area:

We’ve switched the Taste of Wellington from the Spring to the Fall Harvest.
This year’s date will be Sat Sept 26th.

So, mark your calendars, but feel free to drop by and try some of the new places along Epicurean Row.

This evening we went for a walk to drop off some stuff at St. Vincent’s and pick up coffee from Bridgehead on our way back.  For such a short walk, we learned so much that it warranted a second post for the day. Read the rest of this entry »

Just over a month ago I posted about installing a new sub-floor in our master bedroom. Although it did take us about three weeks to finish everything (instead of the long weekend), it also took me a while to get this video together.

You’ll notice Timbit in the video. Rob kept telling him to walk on the joists not on the plaster ceiling of the kitchen. When Timbit did finally listen, it was when Rob had put glue down on the joist just before installing the plywood sub-floor. Yikes, talk about fun times trying to wash a cat’s paws in the sink. Lots of mess everywhere. At least the glue got into his fur and off his pads.

Enjoy …

Since my last post, I’ve endured a couple of adventures. On Tuesday morning, I opted to climb (with pannier bag and helmet) 18 storeys to my office because only one elevator was working.

On Wednesday morning, I was talking to our main contractor, looking at the clouds roll in. It started to rain, so I waited it out a few minutes, and then decided to get going. I made it all the way to work before I realized that my pannier bag, holding my dry clothes, breakfast, lunch, ID and wallet, was still sitting on the front step.

It was the third day in a row that the weather forecast was way off. Instead of being warm and sunny, it was cold and rainy. I had no lock, and tried to call my boss to let him know I’d have to go back home. The commissionaire insisted she couldn’t find his name, even though I said the department and spelt his name three times.

By the time I rode home, the roofers were all waiting for me to ask: how far did you get before you realized? I grabbed my soaking wet pannier, unlocked the door, found some dry clothes and set off to re-start my journey, this time by bus.

While waiting at the bus stop, I did get confirmation of an earlier piece of gossip I posted here. It will be a spa, opening in mid-July. I didn’t get the name, but it’s a first for the owner and his/her brother, who is a massage therapist.  After cycling 12 km in the rain with no breakfast, I felt like I could use a spa something.

Progress was also made on the house. The windows and door are installed, and the wall from the existing kitchen into the addition has been taken down. The hole was also removed. Okay, it was filled in.

I also took Thursday off, to finish off my bricks: 461 in all that can be re-used to brick the addition. So, that’s $461 saved at a cost of sore hands and butt, burnt arms, and aching shoulders and neck from being stooped over. But it did give me a sense of accomplishment, and I know I’ll admire my handiwork when it’s all done.

We couldn’t have timed our demolition phases better. The outside room was torn down on Easter weekend, and the kitchen was gutted on the May 2-4 weekend.

The kitchen cupboards were a team effort, with me helping Rob when needed, and helping crush the cabinets so they could fit in the dumpster. I was a bit worried about what we might find after a colleague told eAnd while Rob pulled plaster, then the wood that holds it on to the wall, I sat in the backyard cleaning bricks to be re-used on the bottom half of the addition. I

made it through 300 bricks, all neatly stacked, mortar removed. My hands are killing me, my forearms cringe every time I take a sip of beer and there’s a lovely bruise growing from the “misses” of the chisel. But I know I’ll look at that those bricks and feel a sense of pride.

Today I came home to see the colour of the new roof shingles, much warmer than the cold black/grey of the old ones.  The windows are installed, but the door still remains. It looks like tomorrow is breakthrough day, and I wish I were at home to see it. I’ll take some before and after pictures I guess.

I’m still humming and hawing about the flooring in the lower part of the addition. It will be a high traffic area, and I’m second guessing the first thought of cork flooring. I’ll get a quote for that and a quote for all hardwood, with a tiled entry way. Now I just need to find the perfect design.

Then it will be paint colours for the exterior doors and interior areas. Do we go MDF and white for trim? Or use wood? Decisions decisions …. I’ll post some pics later.

I’ve been walking around the neighbourhood with the cellphone as a camera, taking pictures of some of the new things. So here goes:

If it’s the same Boutique Mystelle as the one across the river, it  looks like it’s an “arts and crafts” store. We’ll see.

Have you ever wondered if you can buy duct tape at the rest stops along the I-87? Nope? Neither had we until this trip. It all starts on Monday morning, another rainy one in the Financial District. After showering, Rob ventured out for Starbucks coffee while I got the rest of breakfast ready: yogurt, banana, orange and granola bar. Read the rest of this entry »

Cycling ducks wait at the start line
Cycling ducks wait at the start line

That’s what it felt like today. When we woke up it was cloudy, but not raining. By the time we were ready to go, I looked out the window again and saw that the ground was wet. So, on came the rain gear. Read the rest of this entry »


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