At one point working with our architect, the dream got out of hand. We were going to increase the size of the dormer by one and half times, and re-engineer the roof to support this new feature. Eventually we scaled back everything to just the additional one-storey with a crawl space underneath. When we were in the middle of our grand renovation to the second floor, it included replacing the existing floor. We thought about hardwood, but given that it’s about 40′ by 15′, it wasn’t realistic. Once we had scaled back the plans, we contemplated putting in laminate wood flooring over the winter so that the upstairs would be finished before construction started downstairs.

How times change. After my foot sinking into the floor in the middle of the night, Rob reinforced the two planks. That worked for a while, until one night last week Rob rolled over in his sleep and I heard a horrible creaking noise. I thought to myself that there was no way that was snoring or gasping, and it felt as though the bed had moved. The next morning I checked around the bed, and sure enough the bottom wheel had sunk into a different part of the floor. Enough is enough, and the decision to install a new sub-floor was made for us.

Thursday evening was spent picking out the laminate. We’d already looked a couple of times, but now we were ready to buy. Rob had discovered a sale at Rona, but we stopped by Costco first. Yes, they had laminate, the colour that we wanted and it was cheaper too! And it included the foam backing. Now the challenge is to get 21 boxes into the Mini. No small feat, I say. We took the first load home together, with Rob’s knees rammed into the front dash while I drove about 6 inches closer to the steering wheel than usual. Unloading was fairly quick with the two of us, but I quickly realized how heavy the boxes were. Seven down, 14 to go.

For the second trip, we paid for the next 14 boxes, knowing that the store would be closing at 8:30. Rob took another 7 boxes home, while I left the remainder with the guy who checks your receipt on the way out. I then went for a walk around the store and lucked out finding a new mat for the kitchen in exactly the same colours as my new material. Three times through the cash in an hour and a half. I waited outside for about 10 minutes, then  Rob arrived. On our route home we picked up blades for the Saw-All and then stopped for gas at the Ultramar (3 cents a litre cheaper on Thursdays!)

Thankfully my nephew was over on Friday, and the first task was bringing up all the boxes of laminate wood. Then he and Rob (with a bit of my help) demolished the back room.  Rob had estimated 4 hours, and it took about 10 hours. I always say double your time estimate and add 25 percent to your cost.

Yesterday, Rob woke up early to call Rona to confirm the delivery time for the tongue-and-groove plywood.  After it had been dropped off, we went shopping to finalize the order for the vinyl on the garage, the new windows and new back door and storm door. Of course when we arrived at the store we realized that we didn’t have everything we needed. So the order is there, but will be finalized on Tuesday morning.

Our old Arts and Crafts bungalow has a quirky staircase going up to the master bedroom. It looks like a closet door off in the corner of the dining room and has two right angle corners going up. The top of the stairs ends up narrower than the bottom too. Rob tried to bring up the first piece of plywood, but it got stuck. So he worked out the distance between joists and then cut the piece to size. It still wouldn’t fit, so off came the door. This now meant that the cat could go up at will. Let’s just say there are a couple of very dirty paws  in this house. And Timbit’s not so fat that he fell through the ceiling when he was walking on top of the plaster.

Today I couldn’t really help Rob, and the noise was deafening in spurts, with the vibrations going all through the house. It’s quite a bit cooler today, too, so sitting outside is also out of the question. I did manage to use up some of my dried apricots though. We’ve got apricot pecan biscuits and apricot salsa (for a chicken salad), and I also made jam tarts and apricot custard tarts. Slowly but surely I’m getting through all the dry staples in the kitchen cupboards in preparation for the next demolition.

After 10 hours of work, Rob is about half way through installing the new sub floor.  The rest he should be able to finish tomorrow. And my task tomorrow will likely be catching debris from the window and piling it up in the backyard.