I walked home every day this week, and on Friday we stopped for dinner at the Royal Oak.  On our way home we noticed the lights weren’t on at Diwali’s. so we had a look at the door.

It seems that on February 18th, while we were away, the landlord posted the eviction sign due to unpaid rent. We knew they weren’t busy, and a former colleague’s daughter used to work there about a year ago. She mentioned that sometimes pay days became IOU days.

Too bad for them. Let’s hope someone else can make it work there. Lora’s Pizza made great pizza when they were there, but the “no smoking” by-law killed their in-house business.

Also on neighbourhood stuff, I had posted earlier that the new street lights were on. It must have been a test because none of them were on when we walked home on Friday.

And lastly progress is being made at Aroma Meze‘s new Wellington Street location. A new sliding window has been installed and shrink-wrapped furniture has been delivered. According to its web site, watch for grand opening soon. Will there be free tasters? Free Greek beer and wine?