While I was posting to the blog yesterday, Rob was checking the weather for Ischgl. Since today’s forecast was better than Sunday’s, we opted to go skiing there today. Being the frugal travelers that we are, we bought the half day ticket right at 11:30 to get full value for money.

Ischgl is the town and Silvretta Arena includes several ski areas, including one that starts from Ischgl. Weskied there, and the connected Swiss ski area of Samnaun Compatsch. Because Switzerland isn’t part of the EU, it also means duty free shopping. We didn’t do any of that, but I did buy Timmy II a little friend while we were in Ischgl. You’ll have to check his blog to find out about that.

Silvretta has an 11 km run that goes from Greitspitz down to Ischgl. The weather was exactly what they had forecast: some sun with snowy  periods. Until I figured out that my prescription sunglasses worked better in the dull light, it was a bit disconcerting skiing down new runs. Your legs really felt like jello and you wondered whether you’d hit an unseen mogul and blow out a knee.

We’re at the new place, Anna Luise Apartments, just one door down from Haus Sarlo. Hani and Susanne are sisters.  Rob has splurged and paid for Internet for our stay. It’s a very good deal compared to what we were paying at the Internet café. He seems to have fallen in love with the place. It’s got a separate bedroom, much bigger eating area and a pull out couch in the living room /kitchen.  If he snores tonight, I know where he’ll be sleeping!  It also has motion sensors for the hall light.

So tomorrow we’ll visit Innsbruck, maybe do the bobsled ride. Guess we’ll play it by ear.