Let’s begin with the end of yesterday. We walked back up to the apartment to get changed and grab the camera to go to the Rodelbahn. I was so happy it was open tonight because it was closed on Tuesday and is only open twice a week.

Part of me was hoping for the same paperwork problem as last year, but this year it was much better organized. The tickets were bilingual (English/German) and we’d missed the main rush when the Rodelbahn opens.

It did mean that there really wasn’t anyone at the top to take our pic, but it also meant we didn’t have to worry about the drunk Danes trying to take us out.  After I’d taken a video of Rob coming around a corner (likely the same one as last year), I put it into high gear to catch up with him. The rush of speed was exhilarating, especially after taking it easy on the slopes. With each hairpin turn and dark alleyway I could feel the excitement build. The only steering was leaning on your toboggan or using your feet. On the hairpin turns you tried to make it around the corner and not hit anyone who hadn’t. At the bottom, I had so much speed and I knew the end was near.  Last year I ran into some people and I fear the same event might occur this year. Instead, I ran up the hill and quickly got out of the way.

sarah-gluhwein-rodelbahn1Once we had our deposit back we bought some Gluhwein and stood by the outdoor fire pit. It reminded me of what the picketers had started during the bus strike. We were staying only about 100 m from the bottom of the run, and I was happy to get home and peal off some wet under layers.

Today we woke up to more snow. The forecast had said not much accumulation, but the visibility was really horrible at the top of the mountain. I think I’m fighting off a bug too. I was having a hard time balancing when we finally did get skiing (later than usual).  Each time I stopped it took my brain another second or two to realize I was stopped. Thankfully the grooming was pretty good, so we made it down after a very short day of skiing, then headed back to the apartment to read our books. I’m about half way through my second. Rob’s on page 186 of The World is Flat — Innovations and Technologies that Flatten the Earth. Don’t think I’ll be reading that one any time soon.

Tomorrow we change apartments, and will likely visit Innsbruck. We might even do the bobsled ride again. I guess we’ll see how much snow we get …