After a scrumptious meal at the Foolish Chicken, we discovered something new in the neighbourhood.

Passing by the old House of Staples on Wellington near Parkdale, we noticed the lights were on, and two people were busy working on the inside. Then we realized that the “for lease” sign was down, which is kind of odd, because usually they leave the “leased” up for a while. Maybe we hadn’t noticed because of the bus strike.

So we watched them for a while waiting to see if they would notice us. Then Rob tried to open the door, which still had the “no public washrooms” sign on it. That got their attention. So Rob asked what’s going in. The guy smiled and replied, “You’re the 50th person who’s asked us that.” Then he thought a little bit and added, “Walmart.” Yeah …. right …..

We’ll work on getting some answers.