Finally Ottawa is getting some much needed snow for the crosscountry ski trails. Too bad it doesn’t just snow on the ski and toboggan hills. It definitely made it a challenge commuting without buses.

Fortunately our commute was only 10 minutes getting to work. People in the elevator were saying they waited not moving on the Ottawa River Parkway for more than an hour. Sorry, but I’m not telling you our route for fear that you all start taking it.

If it makes you feel any better, my work walking buddy and I opted to walk home together after work. I figured if I walked over to Place du Portage, that would probably take half an hour, then I’d be stuck in traffic for 20 minutes. So I figured, get some exercise.

It was a bit of a challenge in spots where the sidewalks didn’t look like they’d been plowed at all. But traffic was crawling along so I didn’t feel too bad. The new winter hikers really help when it’s slippery but they don’t go up that high so some snow was getting in the back of my boots as we went through snowbanks.

Tomorrow is vote day. I really hope they vote to come back …