Happy New Year … Well this post is a  bit late, but it was  New Year’s Eve.

On Day 21 I was dropped off in the morning, again not lots of traffic.The after work trip was again with my walking buddy, and it was a cold one. My new “birthday” hiking boots were excellent, able to pass over slick sidewalks with ease. The grip sure makes a difference. Not to say that my Ecco boots aren’t good. In some ways they’re better because they’re higher. But the new hiking boots definitely offer more ankle and foot support. The only down side is you have to were either long johns or windpants to keep your legs warm from the bottom of your coat to the top of the boots.

Speaking of long johns … Timbit gave me a pair of Icebreaker LJs. Ah, reminds me of New Zealand. I haven’t tried them yet, but likely will in the near future since the forecast is really brrrr.

Day 22 — New Year’s Eve — Minister Ambrose issued her decision on forcing the union to hold another vote. I guess we’ll see if anything changes. The union has until January 9 to hold the vote.

How long will this go on? I’m guessing until at least the middle of January … sigh.