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Okay, that’s my new term for neighbourhood gossip. Today I walked down to Dash of Sass for a haircut. It had been 13 months since my last one and I was definitely due. I probably still wouldn’t have gone it cut if it hadn’t been for the bus strike.

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I just couldn’t resist posting this one. My walk pool buddy at work sent it to me. It pretty much sums up how I feel … and talks have broken off again … sigh …

It’s winter still, but the bus strike has meant walking home through the neighbourhood. It’s been a great way to see what’s new. About a week ago I posted a picture asking what’s new. In addition to the streetlamps, we’re supposed to be getting some public art.  Do you remember the design contest? Well there was a winner and you can read about it here. Just scroll down to the fire hydrant post. Wonder when we’ll get these installed?

Competition winner

Competition winner

This is an update on a previous post. Unfortunately my favourite restaurant didn’t make it to the finals, but one of my picks did. You can read about it in this article from the Ottawa Citizen:

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Guess where this was taken? The puzzle shape is your first clue. The category it’s filed under is your second.

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What's new in this pic?

What's new in this pic?

See if you can see what I noticed last week, but only just got around to taking a photo.  Do you need a hint?

Okay, so no guesses so far. Here’s a clue: there are two.

Just checked out the city’s development application site and learned some news. One local development application is on hold, and I discovered a new one.

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I’ve resigned myself to the strike dragging on for some time. I still feel more frustration with the union (not the bus drivers) than the city. Most unions seem to have lost touch with reality. Striking for more money or  more time with your family is NOT a right. It’s something that you have based on what your employer is willing to offer. If you don’t like it, find another job. Striking over your employer breaking laws relating to employee safety is a different issue. And yes, I get the fact that the bus drivers voted to reject the last offer, but the recommendation of the union will go a long way to how its members will vote. Read the rest of this entry »

Just came back from Carlingwood and noticed that the former location of Widdicombe’s of Westboro is leased. Signs on the windows say Suede Contemporary Living – Coming Soon.  I kind of like the Ferguson chair.

After a scrumptious meal at the Foolish Chicken, we discovered something new in the neighbourhood.

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