After four days away from the office, it was a challenge to go back. Not just because you’ve over-indulged on food, drinks and merriment, but also because the reality of the bus strike has returned.

At least it didn’t affect our plans to visit family and friends. I’m sure there were many out there who had challenges getting around for shopping and visiting. The weather didn’t help either. I almost thought we were going to have a green Christmas.

So, the bus strike continues, with no talking at the table. They’d make honest Euchre players at least.

We’re continuing what we started last week. Rob drops me off in the morning, then I decide whether to walk home or walk over to PDP. Today I opted for the walk home since it was so nice out. Warm enough that ice hadn’t formed everywhere and warm enough that I actually wore a dress to work today.

My walking buddy had to work later than I did, so it was a solitary walk. At one point I wondered whether I would be asked if I were “working” after going over the bridge. But it seems that the number of increased pedestrians has changed the dynamics of that street corner.

Also on the positive side, I noticed a new (?) addition to the eastern edge of Hintonburg. The retail space is empty and there is still a FOR RENT sign in the window, but I saw someone cleaning up or painting on the inside. The sign on the outside said “”. So I checked it out when I got home. You can see for your self at this web site, but turn down your volume or mute it before you click. It must be what’s going in there, because I don’t recall there ever being a clothing store in that location. It’s between the bridge and Ayat furniture. I think it used to be an ethnic food market, but not totally sure. Don’t get down there usually.

Looks like it will be a long strike. Over the past few days, city council has asked the federal minister of labour to force the union to take back the last offer for a vote. It will likely be a while before any decision is made. They’re “exploring options”. Wonder if that includes back to work legislation …

So I did get my exercise in today. 50 minutes of walking. So no exercise bike tonight. Maybe in the morning …