So  this past week we had a team lunch at work. It was supposed to have been in our neighbourhood, but with the bus strike that didn’t happen. Actually it almost didn’t happen at all. My boss had it in his calendar, and I was supposed to have organized it. I hadn’t, but quickly sent round an e-mail seeking ideas. The  trail started on Tuesday for lunch on Thursday.And we pulled it off, at Aroma Mesa downtown. I’m sure it was easier to get a reservation because of the bus strike. But that wasn’t the only reason why I wanted to go there. They’re opening a second location in the hood and I needed to know when it would open.

The lunch menu consists of two main choices, the small plates (your choice of up to four) or pita pizza. We all opted for the small plates. It took a while to choose, but the make it easier by listing the choices on a piece of paper. Just remember to bring your own pen or pencil.  The pita and tatziki were really good, but you do get charged for extra pita. We had left over tatziki, so we needed the pita to mop up the leftovers.

So the reconnaissance worked —  our location should be open mid-February. I know some people in the community are opposing the cash in lieu of parking spots. But lets face it, most people in this neighbourhood are the ones going to the restaurants, or they’re bringing their friends out to all the great restaurants we have. I know there are some who are going to complain that I’m pro-development. But I’ve seen enough empty retail spots to know that we need to support the businesses who are willing to take a risk. And more restaurants towards our neck of the hood will make it safer to walk home in the evening.

So that’s my scoop on neighbourhood stuff.