This morning I got a ride with my walking buddy from her husband as far as Chinatown. It was a blustery morning and I was glad to have the big puff coat on, and the wind pants too.

Walking through Chinatown I scouted out a few parking lots as possibilities for next week. Most of them were still empty and cheap at 7:30 in the morning. Maybe it was snow-mageddan that scared people away.

It only took us 20 minutes to walk from the farther parking lot, so it’s definitely doable next week. Although I guess I’ll have to get the ski legs in shape some other way.

My original plan was to walk home after work, by myself this time. At lunch I had some errands to run and walked over to the Rideau Centre. It was frightfully cold heading into the wind. I thought at least it will blow me home after work. There were a few snowflakes on the way back and I thought our snow storm was about to begin.

But that didn’t happen. And I didn’t end up walking home, although I had fueled up as though I were. A co-worker kindly offered me a ride all the way home. How can you say no on a Friday afternoon after walking all week? It was greatly appreciated because the temperature had dropped even further.

Talks are scheduled to begin on the weekend. But I’m not optimistic that anything will change until the new year. Even if they reach a tentative settlement over the weekend, the members will still need to vote and it will take a while to get the busses running again.

Sigh … what a lead up to Christmas. And I’m not even that affected. It’s more of an inconvenience that I’m trying to find positives in. If I couldn’t get to work I’d be really upset at the situation.