I’m continuing the trek over the bridge to the parc-o-bus, then taking the STO bus to Place du Portage, then walking downtown. Today’s walk was a bit faster, likely because of less snow.I also paid more attention to which bus we got on so I could assure myself that it IS in fact faster to walk. Our bus didn’t pass me on the bridge or Wellington so I think the walk is definitely the way to go.

I am going to have to figure out what to wear though. You need to dress warmly enough to wait for the bus first thing, then stay dry enough as cars go by on the bridge, but cool enough once you start going. Then you have to think about the afternoon weather too. Grrr… this is almost as much work as riding the bike in!

The walk home is getting a bit quicker, and Jane and I are mixing it up a bit taking different roads out of the downtown core heading in the general direction of Chinatown. We made it to the bottom of my street in 50 minutes. Wow, shaved a whole 4 minutes off that time!

I would have thought that I’d notice more new things in the hood, but nothing so far. No “for lease” spaces are leased, and no businesses have closed. I am enjoying the walk home, but feeling a bit more tired than usual for a Thursday evening.

The challenge will be next week. I expect STO bus service will change, and there will be fewer cars on the road. But let’s not forget about snow-a-geddon. I’m sure Toronto will need to call in the army again!

So tomorrow I’m hoping to be able to get a ride to the Plant Bath, then walk from there. That should give me a chance to check out that parking lot in the morning and double check the time it takes to walk from there. Keeping my fingers crossed…