Days 4 and 5 I wouldn’t normally use the bus, but I do feel for those who rely on it all the time. At least we have a car, right? And speaking of cars, we’re using it to get to the park and ride (or is that parc-o-bus?) on the other side of the bridge so that we can both get to work. From there, the plan is that I’ll walk home. Rob will go back and pick up the car and drive home. At least this way I’ll get some exercise in. Hopefully it will be a nice walk. More later.

And now more … I did walk home, with my colleague Jane. We weaved through Laurier to Somerset, then walked Somerset until it becomes Wellington and then home. The wind had started to pick up, and it seemed there were more people walking on the street, so I didn’t feel like I was going to have to turn down any “propositions” or fight off any johns at that certain corner. And it was nice having the company to help pass the time. Speaking of time, it was only 55 minutes door to door. So totally do-able one way. The other option may be to park in Chinatown and walk from there. I guess we’ll see how long this goes on.

I’ll also have to re-think the food/fuel situation during the day though. I was fine until the Plant Baths, but then suddenly felt totally drained and started devouring the easiest food I could find when I got home. Definitely more carbs in the afternoon to make sure I can make it home and still function.

So far so good. If this works, I think I’ll walk home every day even when the buses are back in.