Last night we attended another meeting about the seniors’ residence. It wasn’t as well attended as previous meetings, and there were clearly new people in the room, based on the questions we heard.

We missed the first part of the meeting, but it looks like they’ve lowered the height of the building to 24 m, but kept the number of floors. They also seem to be willing to work with the community on the site plan for 101 Richmond.

The other interesting piece of information I heard last night relate to the Sisters across the street. The best guess is that there are probably  only enough sisters to keep the order going for another 10 years. After that, the Catholic Church will likely be happy to sell it for development. So, if you live in the neighbourhood and want to see the building stay, I’d suggest you investigate having it turned into a Heritage site.

Sorry this is such a quick and dirty update. Here are the latest pics from last night’s meeting: