How do you top over the top? Anything is possible in Vegas. The card-distributing corner guys move in front of the casino entrances, flicking the cards against each other trying to get your attention. We saw one guy out with his wife (or maybe it was an escort) excitedly collecting as many as he could.

We got lost in the Venetian, strolling through the shops, crossing bridges over gondolas powered by electric motors. All this under an artificial sky that changed from room to room to simulate the different shades of the sky over the course of the day.

It’s simply a sensory overload at night. But we have now figured out the fastest way to our room going through the casino at our hotel.

And I need to correct my last post. For supper we did go next door, but it was $14.95 for supper. I had the NY steak with baked potato and salad. Rob had the prime rib with baked potato and soup. Both were definitely a good deal for the money. In fact, I’ve probably had worse for more money back home.

We waddled out and did another tour around, this time heading towards the Venetian (as mentioned above). We also got to see the Bellagio’s night time light show. All free! See the video below (unless of course you’re at work and they block youtube!)

The hotels and casinos have an interesting design trick in that the sidewalk magically disappears and you have to take paths right up to the grand entrances.

I can see how it wouldn’t be a good place to visit or live if you have an addictive personality. Oh well, now we can say, “Been there, done that.” And tomorrow is another day. Time for me to pass over the computer to Rob for some research on where we go next.