I know it seems a bit lazy to pick a restaurant right across the street. But that’s the beauty of having the laptop. It seemed to have the most number of reviews, and when we played frogger to get across the street, there were loads of cars outside it.

They have an entire menu just for margaritas. Imagine my delight! In fact, the sign that welcomed you inside was all about margaritas as well. So it appears I’ll now have to learn which tequilas I like. And I thought there was only one!

I had the pork tacos (soft ones) with homemade black beans and Rob had a shrimp and mushroom burrito. My margarita of choice was the double fruit cranberry.  Mmmmm delicious! Rob tried some and said it had kick. Guess he’s just not used to margariiiiiiitas!

So today we’ll head off to the zoo, visit the old part of San Diego, then drive back along the coast. I’m thinking maybe of spending another night here. We’ll see how much we can back in tonight.

Chow for now.