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The day started much earlier than |I had thought it would, when I woke up at 4 a.m. coughing. Then I wondered if my cold was back, and how that would affect our travels. It seems strange to have gone from snow on the ground in Ottawa to a warm breeze rolling in off the sea in La Jolla. And thankfully my ears were good on take offs and landings, so I’ve made it here. If I’m plugged up I may have to spend a few days to make sure I don’t damage the eardrum again. Read the rest of this entry »


Just a quick update on an earlier post. We received some attachments from Christine Leadman’s office via e-mail regarding the former Canadian Tire site. Also, the Canadian Tire is almost all gone. So if you have any sentimental memories, now is that time to go shed a tear. Read the rest of this entry »

This weekmarks the 25th anniversary of Ottawa’s transitway. Hard to believe it’s been around for that long. To celebrate this wonderful occasion, OC Transpo is only charging a quarter to ride the bus on Wednesday, and the O-train will be free. So put away those tickets! and break out the change! Just check your change first to make sure it’s not an American quarter. They’re worth more these days.

OC Transpo has a bunch of activities this week. Check their site for more info.

This has taken me a lot longer to post than I would have liked. I took a bunch of pics with the cell phone camera, and then suddenly I wasn’t able to upload them to the computer. They were there, but just not accessible. Now that I finally have them, here’s the scoop in Westboro. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s that time of year again. Too bad it didn’t happen two weekends ago when we were cleaning out the garage. So, if you have stuff, put it out at the curb. If you’re looking for stuff, start early and bring appropriate transportation. For more info:

Ottawa Citizen article

City’s web page

Will let you know if we find anything.

Just came back from a meeting at St. George’s church about the development plans for the former site of Canadian Tire on Richmond Road. We had heard at the last meeting with Ashcroft that they planned to build a seniors residence there.

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Hair Rods for sale

Hair Rods for sale

Today we walked over to the Parkdale Market, in search of apples, a 1/2 bushel, to be exact. On the way, we found out a few things about the neighbourhood. First up, Hair Rods is for sale, the building and the business. Sheri told me the owner was having pains in his neck and went to the doctor. They discovered a brain tumour during the testing. So I guess he’s decided to sell up. Maybe he’ll spend more time in Lebanon with family. Hope everything is okay. He has cut my hair once, but I miss my Montreal spa. Read the rest of this entry »

Most hikes in the Gatineau Park take you up, then back down. But how do you prepare for a hike in the Grand Canyon? We don’t have canyons around here, do we?

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It’s funny how the search terms people use to get here let me know what’s going on in the neighbourhood. I guess we hadn’t been down Richmond Road in a while. When we walk we usually take the Byron path, and when we drive it’s usually Byron to Kirkwood. So when someone used “Canadian Tire gas bar closed” to arrive at the site … Read the rest of this entry »


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