I have to say that “adopting” Anna for the evening was a good move. Originally we did it to get the free blanket being given out to “families” (knowing that usually a “family” must have a “child”). But I think I would have felt a bit out of place if we hadn’t had Anna with us last night.

We cycled over to he beach, carrying a couple of camp chairs to sit on. It was packed, with the free blankets long gone. Anna kept seeing people that she knew, and the parents were all confused to see her with a “stranger”. In fact, we sat down in front of a former colleague, whose daughter was in daycare with Anna. He didn’t think it was me at first because of the “young one” with me.

The movie, Cars, was much better than I expected. For adults, especially American NASCAR fans, there was the thrill and excitement of racing around the oval track, complete with different “camera angles”, crashes and pit stops. For pop culture fans, there was the demise of small town America, along Route 66. And then there were the unlikely friendships made. Of course, it had a happy ending, but who would want to hear 200 sobbing children on a Friday night?

So, here are some of the pics. An amazing sunset while you waited for the movie too.