Now that it’s out there, I can talk about it.  A very important Ottawa sports professional is moving into the hood. I knew it was going to be one of the Ottawa Senators, but ….

I was thinking Alfie, not Spezza.  The $6 million dream home is on Mayfair at Iona, the other side of the tramtracks. So I know it’s not really our hood, but we could still go “trick or treating” with Timbit. I’m sure Spezza would get a kick out of seeing the little guy in his sweater. Here’s what Ottawa’s most expensive property gets you:

Also new (source Kitchissippi Times) is a new Bytowne-type theatre is planning to move into the current location of Mostly Danish Furniture. THAT would be a welcome addition to the neighbourhood. Too bad they didn’t think of it before the church bought the old movie theatre near Parkdale.

The Piccadilly is 50% leased!

The Piccadilly is 50% leased!

And I’ve been meaning to most this pic for a while: One half of The Piccadilly is leased. Rumour was that it woud be a Starbucks. But that’s old news. Thanks to Rob, we now know it will be Interscapes.

Their web site ( isn’t up and running yet, but they will be a purveyor of fine stone and tile apparently. Great … just what we needed!!

Anyhow, off to free movie night at the beach this evening. But more on that later.