Just came back from a meeting across the street about the proposed Ashcroft development at 93 and 109 Richmond Road. The Canadian Tire gas bar is part of this, as is the parking lot that the Shouldice berry cart sits on. A lot of residents have concerns about the height of the building, the setback and increased traffic. None were thrilled with the design either.

Also learned the following bits of gossip:

Ashcroft does own the Canadian Tire store site and is planning a mixed use 9-story building. Yikes, it’s going to be for seniors. I’m glad my parents don’t read this!  The environmental clean up is going to be a joint effort between Canadian Tire and Ashcroft.
Tamarak owns the strip mall on Wellington across from Piccadilly, where the Istanbouli is. Apparently they’ve put that development on hold. Hopefully they aren’t going to sell it. Would miss my shawarma!
The planned patio on the west side of the new Ashcroft development will not be for a pub (alas). They said they were looking at a cafe, panini place or maybe a Starbucks. Something that doesn’t require restaurant venting. Great, just what the neighbourhood needs: another coffee store.

    So here are the pics of the design boards of the meeting.

    Why do the artist\'s renderings always look better than the finished development?

    Why do the artist\