And the wall came tumbling down.It’s done, gone, flattened.

On Saturday night, we heard a group of teenagers at the school. We hoped they weren’t planning one last party. I could hear them through the window, some of the sniffling, sobbing, talking about how the last classroom standing was their last class before moving on to junior high. Then they snuck through the opening at the far side of the fence and wandered about collecting a few mementos of the school. Quite sad listening to them talking about the past. We’re always in such a rush to move on when we’re young that we forget to savour the moment.

Sunday brought a lot of people out to look at the progress. We knew that they would be back at 7:00 this morning, so I was prepared to be out there at the crack of dawn to see as much as I could before work. Rob was off today so he was in charge of the camera work. Even though it was just starting to sprinkle, it didn’t take long before others on the street were out with their umbrellas and cameras waiting to see the remaining walls come down. I missed three buses before I finally left for work.

This is what I missed, brought to you courtesy of Rob.

The cross coming down. And notice how carefully he taps at it. Must be a Catholic.

And the grand finale: