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Now that\'s a Volvo I could drive!Well we’ve had the Mac for almost a year now, and I’m still learning new things. I think this is the fourth iMovie I’ve created. It helps to string together all the photos and some of the video we took during the demolition. The clean up seems to be just starting. They now have three machines working on it but it never seems like they’ve made much progress.

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Anyhow, turn up the volume and enjoy the show:

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And the wall came tumbling down.It’s done, gone, flattened.

On Saturday night, we heard a group of teenagers at the school. We hoped they weren’t planning one last party. I could hear them through the window, some of the sniffling, sobbing, talking about how the last classroom standing was their last class before moving on to junior high. Then they snuck through the opening at the far side of the fence and wandered about collecting a few mementos of the school. Quite sad listening to them talking about the past. We’re always in such a rush to move on when we’re young that we forget to savour the moment. Read the rest of this entry »

No more homework in this school!Early Saturday morning I was hanging up laundry in the backyard, when Rob returned from picking up bagels. He said that demolition of the school had started again, and so off I went to get the high quality camera.

It’s amazing how many people from the neighbourhood came out. Almost all had cameras. Some brought lawn chairs to watch the show. I chatted with a few of the workers, trying to convince them to let me have the silver sign that’s on the west facing wall. I’m sure I could turn the letters into garden art. Read the rest of this entry »

Team CIBIIf you had told me at the beginning of the week that I would be jumping into a convertible Porsche with a tattoo-covered stranger, I would have told you were crazy. But sometimes, being part of a scavenger hunt and bonding with your team members can make you do things you never thought possible. Read the rest of this entry »

Because of today’s scavenger hunt at work, I just happened to have one of the cameras with me on my way home. Unfortunately, there’s no sound. Maybe tomorrow I’ll lug the good one to work so I can give you the full effect.

Here goes:

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Well, I meant to write a post about the progress across the street. First they finally enclosed the whole school, much to the dismay of Timbit.

Then earlier this week, we noticed that the bricks were coming off the old gymnasium. Well today they had progressed to tearing down portions of the school. That made me bring the camera out so that certain neighbours who are stationed overseas would see the progress. Read the rest of this entry »

I was busy helping Timbit get ready for Father’s Day. Check out his latest creations for Rob and my Dad. We’re so proud of our talented cat.

@ the PiccadillyWe must be one of the up and coming neighbourhoods. Vrtucar has arrived with a spot in the upper deck of the new Domicile building down the street.

This is great news in case Rob really gets back into rugby. That way I could have access to a car if I need one. I can think of someone else on the street that could get good use out of it too.

Now if only I knew what commercial was going in on the bottom. Let me know if you hear anything

Just came back from a stroll to the LCBO. On the way back, walking down Wellington St. we saw a great addition to the hood. The Shouldice Farm strawberry cart has been set up in the empty lot beside the Canadian Tire Gas Bar.

Woo-hoo, now that’s a walk I can do every day in strawberry season! More pics:

Get ready for another “free day” in Ottawa. If you have anything to give away, put it by the curb next weekend (June 7th and 8th ) with a “free” sign on it. It’s amazing what people are willing to give away. Last year we saw a few bikes and even furniture.

This year I think I’m going to leave a few things at the curb. So many things to do next weekend: A taste of Wellington West, the Churchill Cup, and the Rideau Lakes Bike tour. I’ll have to plan better for next year so that we can do all the bike tours. We missed Montreal’s Tour de l’ile this weekend.


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