So on my way home at lunch today, I cycled up Mayfair through the church/school parking lot and noticed a Uniform Developments pick up truck idling (shame, shame, this close to Environment Week!) I didn’t think much of it because they’ve been coming by more often since the problem with kids partying at the school. But after lunch, I noticed something new …

Timbit and I sat out in the backyard, enjoying the heat coming from the pavement, tucked in the alcove by the back door. After lunch, I usually try to mix it up by going down Piccadilly to Carleton. But instead I noticed some developments in the parking lot. There was a bright orange line spray painted about a foot to the south of the steps. Two guys were at the far end of the parking lot.

So what’s gossip girl aka nosy neighbour gonna do? You betcha, I headed over. Here’s what happened:

Me: So guys, I see you’re painting a line. Is it the property line? Are you putting up a fence soon?

The guys: Yep. It’s the new property line. And we’re putting up a fence and so much more.

Me: I think it’s great that the school will be torn down. Too many kids partying there.

The guys: Ya, but they’re getting better. We haven’t noticed any new empty cases of beer or broken bottles.

Me: Maybe they got grounded or busted for something else.

The guys: chuckle, chuckle, chuckle.

Me: So are you still on target for tearing down the school at the end of August.

The guys: Oh, we hope to be done long before that.

So, that’s what I got. Maybe some pics after work.