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From noon to 4 p.m. next Saturday it’s the second annual taste the great food in the neighbourhood festival. It’s supposed to be bigger than last year’s, but unfortunately unless it starts really early I won’t be able to sample.

I’m taking my parents to the Churchill Cup game at Twin Elm, and we need to get there early for seats. If anyone goes, let me know how it is.


So on my way home at lunch today, I cycled up Mayfair through the church/school parking lot and noticed a Uniform Developments pick up truck idling (shame, shame, this close to Environment Week!) I didn’t think much of it because they’ve been coming by more often since the problem with kids partying at the school. But after lunch, I noticed something new … Read the rest of this entry »

You know that demolition is going to happen soon when Uniform has updated its web site to include Coming Soon: St. George’s Yard. Looks like they’re trying to keep the history of the spot. So it makes me wonder what the names of the streets in the development will be: maybe Jungle Gym Lane, Sandbox Private, Tennis Court Crescent? Or if they want a blend of the modern contemporary uses they could choose from: Graffiti Lane, Mattress Alley, Party Private, or Litterbox Lane!

Will let you know when they’ve installed the signage. Can’t be too far away now!

Update: Just found these plans on the city’s web site.

The cool weather really helped preserve the tulips for the last weekend of the Tulip Festival. We took a ride along the river to downtown, then followed the canal to Dow’s Lake, where we stopped and took loads of pics. The ride wasn’t very long, but the tulips were amazing. Read the rest of this entry »

No pictures yet, but this morning there was a “Diamond Drilling” truck in the parking lot near the sand box drilling for ????

Will try to get the scoop at lunch.

Lunch update: well it seems the truck had moved to the old school yard, down the hill on Piccadilly. More drilling was taking place, but unfortunately my cell phone camera doesn’t have a zoom lens, so …. no pics.

My guess is that they are taking soil/core samples to plan out the construction of the houses. I suspect that they need to know this information to estimate their costs for fill and digging the foundations. Guess that means it will likely come down by August. Will try to get pics if they’re still there after work.

And here are the pics:

Sometimes I get tips from people who read the blog to go check out something new in the hood. One person sent me on a bit of a goose chase down her street. But it was worth it in the end. I think she’s been waiting for this post to appear. And I admit it’s taken me a while to upload the photos. Said person also sold us some wood from their  walnut tree that used to be in their backyard. You’ll see what was done with some of the wood in one of the pics. At first I thought it was the end of the supply, but was assured by a visiting relative that there was plenty more. Read the rest of this entry »

Spring is here, the tulips are blooming (and being eaten by rabbits in my garden), and the daffodils have seen better days. It’s also a time for planting trees and getting ready for spring and summer festivals around town. So much to do, and so little time. You really need to start planning and prioritizing now so that you don’t miss out on what’s important to you. Read the rest of this entry »

How do you mix cycling and shopping in one getaway? Easy … go to the Big Apple on the first weekend in May, and join 30,000 friends cycling through all five boros on a leisurely 60 km tour. It’s not a race, and anyone who is used to the saddle can finish it without too much effort. In fact, my feet were sore from the shopping, not the cycling!

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