Newish to the \'hood\'Today at lunch, Micha’s Dad met us for lunch. We had thought of going to the Royal Oak, but I suggested he might want to try Vina Del Mar on Wellington. You may recall Nosy Neighbour stuck his head in the day before they opened in mid-January.

The Chilean menu is small, but value priced. Most lunches were $8. You had your choice of four sandwiches, which included salad or fries, or about seven entrees. Note to anyone who is allergic or can’t tolerate guacamole: tell them so they don’t put it in. It seems that just like Californians and Kiwis, Chileans love the stuff and will add it to anything green. Thankfully I noticed it oozing out and asked. They were quite obliging and brought me another sandwich. The salad was definitely freshly made, and not the Costco mixed spring greens that many restaurants give. And the homemade salad dressing (which is all that was offered) was delicious. Not sure if they are licensed yet. I didn’t want a beer, but didn’t see anything that would say they are.

Now to the funny part. The owner asked us if it was our first time. We said yes. Then I kind of mentioned that my husband and I had poked our noses in just before they opened. He said he remembered us! They actually filled up quite a bit at lunch, which is good. It’s nice to see a family restaurant make a go of it.

Beef sandwich with green beans, side salad.Now for the food. As I mentioned the salad was pretty good. A lot of the sandwiches are “steak”, but I’d say it’s more like a schnitzel without the breading. It was tasty but there was a bit of grizzle. So I suspect like schnitzel in Austria it’s a cheap piece of meat. Didn’t notice dessert, but didn’t have room.

The ambiance was refreshing. Chilean music played, not too loud, for most of the lunch time crowd. It turned off after the rush was over.

I’d definitely go back and maybe try supper next time.