WhitefaceIt’s not really around town, it’s actually about 250 km away, but Whiteface is definitely the biggest hill in the east. Really, it’s a mountain not a hill, with loads of leg burning runs, no line ups, friendly people. Need I say more?

It was Rob’s third time out this year as a skier, and the first with his spanking new Elan race skis. If you know Rob, you know there’s no “trying things out”.

He just goes. So first run off the gondola, he goes carving down an intermediate run, which joins up with a bunch of other runs in a five spoke area clearly marked “slow skiing”. Rob goes ripping past me on rails, hits some ice and is now going backwards, slowly, down the hill. He crashes into some French-Canadian woman, knocks her over and comes to rest with his skies underneath her body, and her skis under him. Thankfully she was wearing a helmet so that took the impact of her fall. Rob checked her out quickly to make sure she was okay and I helped her up. He felt really bad, and I just kept looking at him like “you need to slow down, really”.

I think that crash gave him a bit of a scare, but not enough, because as we continued down he almost did it again. Then he finally got the hint when we went down Upper Skyward. It was the men’s downhill run during the Olympics in the 1980s, when Lake Placid was host for a second time. Beat that, Tremblant! Anyways, my ears were bugging me a bit at the beginning, with all the change in altitude, but by lunch I was starting to feel good. It was a beautiful sunny day, no clouds at all, with hero snow at the bottom by lunch.

Rob @ WhitefaceSarah @ Whiteface

We saw a lot of deer on the way down, and I was able to snap these pics on the way back.

DeerBye-bye deerNice wite tail