Traffic lightThis is a question I’ve asked myself a couple of times in the last year, while walking to and from work. I’ve seen it happen a few times: once at Carleton and Scott, a car going north on Carleton was at the lights waiting to turn left on Scott. I was thinking about crossing by foot on the red, but thought that it’s really not a good idea when there’s traffic. All of a sudden, she just darts out in front, not thinking that if she breaks the law, maybe I’m going to cross.

I’ve seen at Wellington and Western too. That time was really close. I was heading back to work on my bike and did the law-abiding approach at the intersection. Left arm out indicating a left turn from the left lane. There was a cyclist ahead of me doing the same thing, when all of a sudden a car on Western heading south turning left onto Wellington darts out on a red light. We both turned the corner and shook our heads. Here we are obeying all the traffic rules and some idiot just about hits us.

StopDon’t even get me going on stop signs. These should all be replace with roundabouts because then it’s fair game. Whoever races to the intersection first to get into the roundabout gets right of way. That’s pretty much what happens now, but sometimes you believe that they will actually stop at the stop sign.

Or on my bike when I’m approaching an intersection that the cross street is supposed to stop. The car looks right at me and cuts in front of me. I caught up the lady at the grocery store and asked if she realized that I had the right of way. She replied that I was far away and she had plenty of time. Then I asked her why I had to slam on my brakes. It’s road etiquette …. it simply doesn’t exist anymore. I’m all for making more pedestrian areas and roads that are dedicated to cycling only. Not just on Sunday mornings, but all the time….

So why, I say are people like this?